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Think Beyond the Block

We don’t just build properties.
We create

Block-C is a private real estate investment firm focused on maximizing the value of real property through creative, future-ready strategies. We take a holistic approach to the design and development process, with a focus on rehabilitating neglected properties – especially in up-and-coming areas that need investment. We have already completed projects in Atlanta and Miami, with many more to come.

"We believe building places is the best way to create long term value."

- Vishay Singh

Managing Member, Block-C


Our carefully developed product mix includes four core activation types that will serve people’s needs not just today, but for years to come:
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We create beautifully designed and branded community workspace experiences that elevate a property’s revenue potential.

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This forward-thinking residential concept meets people’s rapidly changing housing needs while monetizing properties in a whole new way.

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In a transient world where people are occupying smaller properties, we’re activating unused spaces to offer new micro-storage solutions.


Multifamily + Rehabs

We’ve also made significant inroads in two other, more traditional types of real estate: multifamily housing and residential rehabs. Our team pursues both types of projects in underserved communities across Atlanta and Miami, with more locations to come.


Ways to work with Block-C

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With our experience, creativity and access to both investment and debt capital, Block-C is the perfect development partner. Let’s discuss how we can be your creative partner and help you turn your property into a world-class experience.


With a number of successful, fully self-funded projects to our credit, Block-C is now open to co-investors. You can participate in two ways: invest new capital into a specific project or reinvest capital gains into our Opportunity Fund.



With over 40 years of combined real estate design and development experience, Block-C brings passion, creativity and skill to our work. We believe everyone deserves access to beautiful, activated spaces that allows them to live and work in an exciting, functional and enjoyable atmosphere. That's why we're dedicated to transforming the built environment into the best possible version of itself.

Join us as we turn properties into places, one block at a time.