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Thinking outside the block.

We build more than properties. We build places.

Block-C is a full-service real estate activation firm that turns properties into places people will want to visit for years to come.

We're a team of design and real estate geeks on a mission to turn every nook and cranny of America into a world-class destination for visitors and locals alike. We take a holistic approach to the design and development process, considering everything from the branding, tenant structure, and zoning potential, to the materials and typeface in order to turn real estate into an experience.

With over 40 years of combined real estate design and development experience, Block-C brings passion, creativity, and skill to our work. We believe everyone deserves beautiful, activated places. Whether a strip mall, residential block, or apartment complex, the places we spend our lives in should be exciting, functional, and enjoyable. That's why we're dedicated to transforming the built environment into the best possible version of itself.

Join us as we turn properties into places, one block at a time.

"We believe building places is the best way to create long term value."

- Vishay Singh

Managing Member, Block-C



Our team of real estate, architecture, interior design, and event planning professionals find clever ways to bring a property to life. Whether through strategic renovations, improving tenant mix, or creative branding, we find the best way to activate a property and turn it into a place worth visiting.


We don't just work with developers and property owners to improve their properties, we're also developing our own portfolio of beautiful, creative commercial and residential places. We work in both opportunity zones and traditional parcels, and are actively accepting investment for both types of projects. Click below to see our active development projects.


Beyond activation and development, we also work with investors to find high-value investment properties and properly package the deal. We build investment portfolios for traditional commercial and residential real estate projects, and we're also building Georgia's largest Opportunity Zone investment fund.


Three ways to work with Block-C

Hire Us

Looking for a new take on your old property? Want help with branding your new development? Our team of design, real estate, and social media experts can help take your existing property or new build to the next level with a host of activation services.

Develop With Us

With our experience, creativity, and access to both investment and debt capital Block-C is the perfect development partner. We can do more than just help with finalizing investment, we can also be a creative partner to help turn your new property into a world-class place.

Invest With Us

There are three ways to invest with us. You can invest in a specific project; become a part of our Opportunity Fund; or we can work with you to find the perfect investment property for your needs, and identify the best improvement strategy to make the most on your investment. 



Block-C is Atlanta's first full-service real estate activation firm, built exclusively for property managers and owners of Class B and C commercial real estate.


We're a team of design and real estate geeks on a mission to turn every strip mall, office park, and apartment complex in America into a world-class destination for visitors and locals alike. 

Everywhere is nowhere until it's somewhere. Let us turn your nowhere into the magical place it was always destined to be. Oh, and add a little value for your shareholders too.



Let's chat about your property.

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