Real Estate

Thinking outside the block.

We turn properties into places.

You've got a problem.

Maybe your property is old, or out of date, needs repairs, or simply surrounded by newer competition. Whatever the reason, you've got an under-performing property that needs a kick in the pants.


Well, pants meet foot.

We're Block-C, and we take your ugly, old, sputtering commercial properties and turn them into the kind of places people want to visit and revisit for years to come.

Our Process



Every new project starts by bringing together our team of real estate, design, marketing and investment professionals to create a project Guidebook – a custom, comprehensive and holistic plan for bringing a property to life. 
Our team looks at everything from the property's market position, current valuation location and assets, to historical rents and local property values, in order to craft a unique pathway to increased value for everyone involved.


Next, we take the insights developed in the Guidebook to carve out a unique market position and identity for the property, including naming, logos, website, marketing materials and more. This goes beyond traditional branding and marketing.


Block-C leverages our experience to create a dynamic vision that will appeal to visitors, attract tenants and offer alternative sources of revenue. We position properties for higher rents, occupancy rates and increased value over time.




Once the Guidebook and Identity are crafted, we work with our team to find clever ways to mix the property's new identity and market position with strategic renovations and improvements that will bring the vision to life.
We work to identify the most profitable and unique ways to use a property, using the new strategic vision to attract high-value tenants and alternative revenue streams.


We work with contractors, architects, designers and other professionals to bring this new vision to life. Our success is measured not in the immediate boost of a renovation or a brand redesign, but in the long-term success of the subject property, which is why we work to ensure that the Guidebook is fully executed according to our strategic goals.




Block-C is Atlanta's first full-service real estate activation firm, built exclusively for property managers and owners of Class B and C commercial real estate.


We're a team of design and real estate geeks on a mission to turn every strip mall, office park, and apartment complex in America into a world-class destination for visitors and locals alike. 

Everywhere is nowhere until it's somewhere. Let us turn your nowhere into the magical place it was always destined to be. Oh, and add a little value for your shareholders too.